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A new story from the Australian landscape

Unique, nutritious and intensely flavoursome, fresh native foods are at the root of a growing movement in Australia's restaurant scene. With an innovative spirit, and a heartfelt connection to the indigenous knowledge of this sunburnt country, Outback Pride Fresh is excited to bring a reliable, high quality and regular supply of fresh natives to the Australian menu.

You can trust Outback Pride Fresh to provide:

  • Fresh native produce of the highest quality
  • Consistent, reliable supply chain
  • An inspiring range of native food products
  • A genuine story and cultural connectivity
  • Food that is grown sustainably and naturally, handled with love

Explore the flavours of Australia

Quandongs Australian Native Fruit

"We’ve domesticated the best of the indigenous plants to be able to develop a truly Australian cuisine." - Mike Quarmby

Read more about our story, explore the range of native food products and see testimonials from top chefs, such as Kylie Kwong, Simon Bryant and Peter Gilmore.

To feature native foods in your restaurant or business, please contact your local distributor.

Mike and Gayle Quarmby

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