Mike and Gayle Quarmby of Outback Pride Fresh have happily been featured and interviewed in a variety of media over the years, including television, radio and magazines. Here are a few highlights that provide a fantastic background on the Outback Pride project and the native food industry.

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Primary Industries Education Foundation on Youtube

'Tucker Time' on ABC Lateline

Outback Pride on ABC Lateline 2012

Outback Pride on ABC Lateline

Outback Pride on ABC Lateline


Radio Adelaide Digital

Radio Adelaide and Outback Pride Fresh 2014

ABC Radio

ABC Radion and Outback Pride


The Parabere Forum, Bilbao, Spain - March 2015

Gayle Quarmby at the Parabere Forum

Online / Print

The Advertiser

SBS Food Fighters

SBS Food Fighters

Stock Journal

Australian Traveller

Coastal Leader

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Mike and Gayle Quarmby

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