Fish Smoking Rushes

Australian Fish Smoking Rushes – Ficinia nodosa - are a fresh water rush which grows along the water courses of the Coorong in South East South Australia.

This is a favoured cooking method as used by the Ngarrindjeri people for the cooking of the local Coorong Mullet.

These Fish Smoking Rushes are sustainably cultivated at Reedy Creek Nursery.

Uses: For traditional Australian cooking. For smoke cooking of fish, use a closed scan pan or lidded BBQ. Place seasoned whole fish or fillets onto a thin bed of rushes, with no oil. Cook on moderate heat for 10 minutes.

The end result is a moist, smoked portion with a delightful herb dimension. 1 pack for up to 12 plate size portions of whole fish or fillets.

Similar to: Green tea 

Season: Year round

Supplied: Frozen

Available to: Outback Pride Fresh food service

Mike and Gayle Quarmby

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