This is a round-leaved succulent, fleshy herb or prostrate shrub, petite in leaf and vigour. The natural habitat for this ground covering rambler is along South Eastern Australian coastal areas and in particular protected damp and saline hollows, within earshot of the surf.

Dishphyma crassifolia - Karkalla, in the wild puts on a spectacular display of pink flowers in late spring and soon disappear with the summer heat.

This Karkalla is organically cultivated at Reedy Creek in growing boxes of composted seaweed. The raised beds of this fleshy, trailing plant, is protected in summer shade houses and winter hothouses for premium quality and consistency of supply year round production. Our growing methods guarantee tenderness and flavour standards.

Uses: This juicy, sausage shaped leaf, harvested on a trailing stem, is great in soups, stir-fries and pickles.

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Season: Year round

Supplied: Fresh

Available to: Outback Pride Fresh food service, Retail

Mike and Gayle Quarmby

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