Mountain Pepper

The Native Pepperberry plant is naturally found in the cold high country in Southern NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. This attractive 5 meter high tree has shiny dark green pointed leaves with scarlet stemletts. It has small, waxy, cream flowers which develop into dark charcoal brown pepper berries, only born by the female plants.

Since only half the plants bear fruit, and it takes several years to begin fruiting, the pepper berries are a highly valued commodity. It is fortunate that the leaves of the Mountain Pepper plant also have a distinctive flavour and are a more immediate commercial crop. This plant also makes an attractive and useful garden plant in the cooler parts of Southern Australia.

Mountain Pepper plants feature heavily in indigenous traditional uses, both in cooking and medicinally. Mountain Pepperleaf and it's berries are now being cultivated in plantations across the cooler parts of Australia.

Although Native Pepperberry can be used in the same way as conventional pepper, it has an added herbal dimension, particularly towards the end of the palate. The dark Pepperberries also infuse a rich plum color to sauces. The Mountain Pepperleaf has a more subtle, organic herbal flavour than the berry and is ideal where the intensity of the pepperberry is too dominant.

Uses: Alternative to black pepper, as a peppery herb in casseroles, pasta, etc

Similar to: Pepper

Season: Fresh leaf - Summer to Spring; Dried berry - year round.

Supplied: Fresh leaf, dried berry

Available to: Outback Pride Fresh food service

Mike and Gayle Quarmby

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