Native Thyme

The strongly aromatic Native Thyme bush (Cut Leaf Mint - Prostanthera incisa) is a native to south east New South Wales, eastern Victoria and Tasmania. Native Thyme was used by indigenous Australians for it's medicinal properties.

The bush grows up to 2 meters high, with a showy display of lilac flowers on the tips in spring. It has very small round leaves, in pairs, attached to a multitude of stemletts. Commercially, the Native Thyme is grown at Reedy Creek in shade house conditions with well drained raised beds.

When used in dishes featuring chicken, turkey, pork or lamb, a small amount makes a big difference.

Uses: Savoury cooking

Similar to: An intense thyme, Italian herbs

Season: Fresh all year round

Supplied: Fresh

Available to: Outback Pride Fresh food service, Retail

Mike and Gayle Quarmby

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