Rosella Flowers

Rosella Flowers, also known as Wild Hibiscus (Heterophyllus sabdariifolia), is a plant that is widespread through tropical Asia and it has been suggested that it was introduced to Australia's northern shores hundreds of years ago via Indonesian traders. This Wild Hibiscus has naturalised itself across the tropical north of Australia.

Rosella FlowersBoth the flower buds and leaves are eaten in India and is popular as a tea and also in drinks, jams and relishes. This annual plant grows prolifically in the wet northern summers, ready to harvest the flowers from January to March. The fresh shelf life is very short, because this product is best snap frozen immediately after harvest. The post-harvest handling of this fruit is quite time consuming, as the central pod of seeds has to be hand removed from each flower without breaking its delicate structure.

This attractive cherry red flower has a fresh citric / rhubarb flavour and lends itself to drinks, jams, relish and desserts or use as a garnish.

Uses: Decorative and colour

Similar to: crunchy rhubarb

Season: January / March harvest

Supplied: frozen all year round

Available to: Outback Pride Fresh food service

Mike and Gayle Quarmby

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